As Seen in The Electric City News: Creating Home | Mix It Up

In my experience, designing a space for someone is different every time. Every client has different priorities, different aesthetics, and a different way of approaching their style. One thing that I stand by in every scenario, however, is to MIX. IT. UP.  

Nothing gives a home more of that effortless, cool, lived in vibe than a collection of pieces that are vintage, modern and classic. And this look is attainable for everyone.

Here’s a breakdown of my approach. In each room, begin with one thing that you love. It can be a sofa, rug, dresser, chair, a piece of china… anything; but be sure that you love it. This piece will guide the decisions you make on color, style and layering in other furnishings. Once your vision is established, start by implementing a cohesive theme throughout your home. When mixing time periods and trends there is a fine line between being interesting and chaotic. A consistent theme in things like paint colors, flooring and finishes is key in pulling the look together. After the foundation of your concept is in place, move to furniture. Focus on the big pieces: sofa, bed or, dining table, for example. Choose these items based on the concept you have created, but making them basic enough to serve as a backdrop to the unique pieces you will add in. Once you have your essentials in place, it’s time to canvass for some vintage elements. Visit local antique stores, flea markets and thrift shops for pieces that will add character and warmth to your space. When I am shopping for something vintage I always have my eyes peeled for dressers, tables and chairs; solid wood pieces that often aren’t made as well or as beautifully as they used to be. Last, but certainly not least, layer in the finishing touches. The eclectic feel that we are after comes from layers of pattern, texture and contrast that you find in textiles, art, rugs and plants. Always be on the lookout for these things, continuously adding them to your home and story through the years.

Even if you’re not starting from scratch, use these tips to rework what you already have. Add in a few new things from your local thrift shop; put a great blanket on the back of your sofa and get a chic plant for your living room. My only rule in this approach is: if you don’t love it, don’t buy it. You will find yourself working around something that isn’t a part of the vision you created. Be patient; this look evolves over time. And it is always worth the wait.