As Seen in The Electric City News: Creating Home | Styling Your Coffee Table

When designing your home, it’s easy to focus on the big pieces. The furniture, rugs, lighting and items that grab your attention immediately. But like most things, the beauty is in the details… right down to the styling of your coffee table. The coffee table is often the center of your living room, a focal point in the space where we all gather. And while it is convenient for housing our various odds and ends like remotes, our kid’s toys, mail or the dog leash there are a few simple tricks for clearing the clutter, adding some interest and creating one more place in your home that is practical and polished.

There are limitless ways to decorate a coffee table, and your design will depend on the size of your table, the items that you would like to include and your personal taste. There is, however, a method to the madness so I have gathered some tried and true tips that should help you create a well-balanced design. The first thing that I like to use on a coffee table or ottoman is a decorative tray or bowl. Something to contain the miscellaneous items that might otherwise look haphazard. On or beside the tray, include a several objects; something for height, something sculptural and something practical. The height component could be a vase with fresh flowers, a small potted plant or a couple of candlesticks. The sculptural piece should be lower than the ‘height’ element, creating different planes of interest. It could be a candle, a piece of pottery, or a small bowl. The practical component should be something useful, that will ultimately end up on the table anyway. For example, if you have a small box to house the remote that will always find its way to your coffee table, or a stack of pretty coasters, use them! The last piece is a stack of ‘coffee table books’, or any interesting books with an attractive cover.  Not only are books a pretty addition, but they are also nice to have for guests to flip through when entertaining.

Shift these items around, experimenting with their layout until it feels right to you. In the end, by grouping together a variety of pieces with different textures, heights and shapes you will have created a beautiful vignette that is both stylish and functional.