As Seen in The Electric City News: Creating Home | A Child's Masterpiece

An interior element that instantly adds character and personality to a home is art, yet it is also one of the most difficult things to come by. Finding pieces that are your style, the right colors, in your budget, and the right size for your space can be a challenge.  Which is why commissioning pieces from my talented toddler is one of my favorite ways to obtain new art.

Children create such beautiful freeform paintings and drawings. They combine colors you might not think of, apply strokes that are interesting and unusual, and with a pretty frame these pieces can be charming anywhere in your home. Occasionally, however, I find myself looking for something for a specific space. In this case I like to guide the process (just a little). The following tips will help your little artist in creating a unique piece that is perfect for the space you have in mind.

First, give your child good materials to work with. When creating a special piece for framing, use higher quality drawing or watercolor paper and actual paint brushes. If you’re looking for something bold and dramatic, offer a larger paint brush. For a more delicate and understated piece, offer a smaller brush. Second, choose your colors. Offer your child a palette that works for the space that you have in mind. You could choose vivid colors for a statement piece, different shades of one color for a monochromatic piece, a modern combination of black and white, or a collection of colors from your favorite belongings in the room. Let them have free reign but pull the piece, offering a new sheet of paper if they are still feeling inspired, before the colors become too muddy. Third, cut the paper to a standard framing size of your choice, using the most interesting part of the painting. Fourth, take your new work of art to the local craft store for a nice matte and attractive frame that works with your space.

Original art created by little ones that you love; your children, nieces or nephews and grandchildren will add a personal touch to your home that is special and beautiful. In using these tips, you can help them create a true masterpiece to be cherished.