As Seen in The Electric City News: Creating Home | Pattern Play

One thing that I have loved for as long as I can remember in decorating is layering pattern. Trends come and go but the stylish concept of pattern play is one that I think is here to stay.  I have always been attracted to this look and to the warmth and charm that it brings to a room. It wasn’t until living on my own with the freedom to move things around on a whim (and through a lot of trial and error) that I developed some good strategies for creating a well-balanced, complimentary collection of patterns. This is an approach that you can try out at any time and change often, shifting around pieces that you probably already have at home.   

When starting, choose an inspiration piece. It can be your rug, the fabric on your chair, wallpaper or your favorite pillow. Something to direct the theme. From this vision, develop a color scheme. The colors can be ones that are found in your inspiration piece or of the same tone: muted shades, bright colors, or earth tones. Once you have a collection of patterns that work together in color, select your favorites in varying scales. Maybe the pattern in your rug is large, the curtains have a scale half that size, your sofa is a solid with texture, the chairs are leather with a smooth texture, your throw is striped, and your pillows are in coordinating small scales. Any variation of this will work, as long as you have patterns in different, non-competing textures and scales. Incorporate some solid blocks of color throughout. Using solid colored pieces will give your eyes a rest from the weight of the other elements you have integrated. Last, spread your collection of patterns evenly around the room. You want your eye to travel throughout the space as a whole. By distributing these elements the focus will not be on one corner, but on the room in its entirety.

By moving textiles around in your home, or adding a new throw and some pillows, you can give your rooms the layered look that so many of us are after. Experiment, try multiple options and have fun with it! My final tip is this: Don’t be afraid to try something unusual. It’s often the unexpected combinations that are the most interesting and organic.