As Seen in The Electric City News: Creating Home | The Art of Hanging Art

Art is an important part of every home. Whether it be a sentimental relic, a statement piece or a thrifted find it is a component that tells a story, draws conversation and pulls a room together. Hanging art incorrectly is also one of the easiest mistakes you can make. But the good news is, this is an easy fix! Here are a few tips for getting your art hung correctly.

1)     Get the height right. The most common mistake made in hanging art is that it is hung too high. On an open wall a good rule of thumb is that the art should be hung at ‘eye level’. Since ‘eye level’ is different for everyone, a reliable standard is to hang 60” from the center of the artwork to the floor. If the art is hung over a piece of furniture, placing it 4”-8” above should be just right.

2)     Treat a grouping as one piece. One of my favorite ways to hang art is in a vertical grouping of two. A piece of art with a small round mirror above or two matching pieces stacked. Whatever the combination, 2, 3 or 4 pieces of art, treat them as one unit. The center of the grouping should be 60” above the floor. The spacing between each piece should be no more than a few inches apart.

3)     Designing a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a look that never gets old for me. If you have a collection of art and mirrors a great way to display them is to cover your wall. With a gallery the rule is the same, the center should be 60” above the floor and the pieces should be no more than a few inches apart. Smaller pieces can be grouped more tightly, and larger pieces can have a little more space in between. Evenly distribute color and size of the art and frames for balance, allowing your eye to travel through the entire grouping. To avoid excess holes in your wall, you can lay the pieces out on the floor to try different arrangements or cut out the frame sizes on paper to place on your wall with painters’ tape, helping you experiment with layouts.  

In every scenario, the best way to know if art is hung appropriately is to see it. Recruit a partner to hold it in place so that you can see what it will look like. These tips are good guidelines, but every space is different. Ceiling heights vary as do the sizes of your furniture and art. If it doesn’t feel right when you see it, try something else. Experiment with scales and combinations to find the perfect solution for your space.