As Seen in The Electric City News: Creating Home | Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing the paint colors for your home can be one of the most important decisions in the design process. I also find that for many clients it’s the most overwhelming. You can go in so many different directions and once you’ve nailed down your color there are still thousands of options. And like most things, it’s the very subtle differences that make the biggest impact.

When first selecting a color it’s important to consider the pieces that you’ll be working around: upholstery, rugs and textiles, for example. You’ll want a backdrop that compliments the pieces that you have collected and plan to use. The color should also be one that you love. If you aren’t sure, consider your general style. What colors do you find yourself most often wearing? Green? Blue? Neutrals only? This is often a good indicator of what you’re drawn to. Once you’ve chosen a color family, (if you’re brave!) you can pull out a paint deck and start looking. If you’d like a little more guidance, consult a favorite resource: Pinterest! Search for ‘best neutral blue paint colors’ or ‘best warm grey paint colors’. Often you’ll find that designers have posted their favorite colors; the ones that have taken them years (and a lot of trial and error) to discover. After selecting a few colors that you like, search for those specific colors on Pinterst. Many times you can see them used in rooms. A color rarely looks the same as it does on a color chip, so seeing photos of it being used is very helpful. Once you’ve narrowed your search down to several colors, you’ve reached the most important part: SAMPLE. Get samples of each color to either paint on boards or directly on the walls you are going to paint. Paint colors look different in every room, in every lighting scenario; natural versus artificial, north versus south facing, morning versus night, a sunny day versus a rainy one. It is so important to see the colors in the space over the span of a couple of days to see how they change. For instance, a blue that you love in one room could look purple in another. This is the most crucial step in the process and could save you a potential mistake and a few buckets of paint.

Although it can be intimidating, painting the rooms in your house can also be exciting. With these tips I hope that you can carefully select a color that you feel confident in. Enjoy the process! Painting is the fastest and easiest way to transform a space.