As Seen in The Electric City News: For The Love Of Rugs

Rugs. *Sigh* I love them. In my opinion, a rug makes the room. When designing a room from scratch a rug is the perfect place to start. Rugs can dictate color palette, whether the room is formal or casual, and the general style that you are going for.

It used to (and still can) be that rugs were a huge investment piece. The idea of putting your money towards a hand knotted wool or silk rug that would last a lifetime seemed worth the value. I am not opposed to investing in a beautiful and well-made rug, especially if you are confident in your design style and what you are looking for. A rug that you are in love with, that is classic and will last a lifetime IS worth the value. However, if you are young and still developing your taste in design, have pets and young kiddos out to destroy nice things, or just flat out don’t want to spend that kind of money on a rug then I would make a case for the less expensive (but ever-chic) options out there today.

I am blown away by the gorgeous rugs available at such a reasonable price point. Natural fiber rugs, rugs that are made to look vintage, Moroccan style rugs, stripes, plaids and other great motifs. And while some may be machine made or have synthetic material in them, the qualities that may make some frown upon them are what make them so perfect for many of us today. These rugs are good looking, durable, practical and best of all allow you the option to change your mind as your design style evolves without the “But it was so expensive!” heartache. Rugs like this make it possible to take a risk, or to get the look of an antique rug without the fear of wanting something different one day; or of your dog chewing off the corner!

If you are beginning to redecorate a room but the expense of an investment rug is holding you back, I encourage you to expand your search. Designers who believe in offering affordable options are creating showstopping rugs that can transform your space. Take the plunge! Begin your search for a rug that you love, whether it be understated or bold, that will set the stylish foundation that every room needs.

Just to show you what goodness is out there, I’ve included some of my current favorites. Contact for details!