As Seen in The Electric City News: The Power of 3D

One of the pivotal stages of the Interior Design process is presenting your concept to the client. It is the point where you decide if your vision brings their ideas to life, and how the project will proceed. Being able to communicate your thoughts in a way that helps the client visualize them is crucial. There are many tools that designers use to convey their ideas, and different tools are appropriate for different scenarios. For example, AutoCad drawings can provide the client with plans for interior architecture, furniture layout, lighting placement, millwork and other spatial details. Power point presentations can show the client your ideas for lighting, furniture combinations, rugs and accessories. Samples of flooring, tile, fabric and paint allow the client to see and touch finish options. And inspiration photos are a great way of showing the client how an idea might look in a room. All of these tools play an important role, depending on where you are in the design process.

On of my favorite tools, and one of the most fun to present to a client are 3D drawings. 3D drawings can be used for any space but are particularly effective in showing cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom layouts. They are also great for illustrating changes that you plan to make in interior architecture. When looking at a floorplan of a new kitchen it can be hard for clients to envision how it will look in real life. Will the wall cabinets go to the ceiling? Will the overhang on the island be supported by corbels or legs? Where will the hardware be placed? Where will the backsplash begin and end? What would my cabinets look like in a certain color? How thick should my countertops be? Questions like this are answered easily, and different options can be explored when you can move through the space in 3D form. On top of being a great way of communicating information, nothing gets a client more excited than seeing a room that they have been dreaming about brought to life. One of my wonderful Anderson clients has been kind enough to share one of the images that I created for their kitchen. We explored different possibilities for their kitchen, mud room and sitting area and in the end combined their favorite parts until it was their ideal design. Thanks to the power of 3D this process was fun, exciting and gave the clients a sneak peek into their beautiful new space.