As Seen in The Electric City News: A Neutral Color Scheme

I don’t know about you but something about this time of year (the feeling of never-ending rain and cold, perhaps?) always gets me thinking about brightening up my home. Lightening up the dark moody tones of fall and winter with fresh and more neutral colors. I am such a lover of the neutral / monochromatic color palette. I am also a lover of color. In the internal debate that I have over which direction our home should go in, color has always won out. But one day, maybe, I’ll ditch all of my deep colors for warm whites, soft linens and jute rugs galore. In this event, and for those of you currently living the neutral life, I have some good tips for executing this look well. While going monochromatic may seem easy, without depth it can come across as one note. Here are some guidelines that will help in creating a beautiful and interesting neutral room.

To start, use a wide variation of color. Even though you’re sticking to a neutral color scheme, there are millions of colors that fit into this category. By incorporating a range of color, from black to white, you add complexity to your room. Dark tones are great for wood furniture, pillows, throws and accents. Light colors are nice for rugs, upholstery and accessories. In my opinion, all neutrals work together. White and cream, gray and brown, black and beige. Don’t be afraid to intermix the unexpected. Next, bring in lots of texture. This is key in a monochromatic scheme, and one of the fastest ways to add depth to your space. Use a variety of textures in the room, in any application: seagrass, wood, leather, hide, faux fur, chunky wool, smooth linen, rattan, and mixed metals. Giving a room details that show that it has evolved over time with pieces gathered and collected is just as important (if not more) in a room with a neutral palette. Then, add pattern. This is true for any space, but easy to forget in a monochromatic room. The patterns that you use can be bold statements or subdued accents. Very often a soft or small scaled pattern will give the effect of a texture. In either use, multiple patterns will add visual appeal. Last, bring in something green! Bringing in a plant, some fresh flowers, or a tree gives life to any room.

If you’re thinking of taking the neutral plunge, this is the perfect time of year to do it! And if you do, send me photos! Maybe you’ll inspire me to do the same.