As Seen in The Electric City News: Hanging Curtains

Curtains are one of the fastest ways to make a room feel complete. In the right space, they add softness, warmth and texture. Curtains can be ready made, custom, installed on their own or paired with shades but in any execution, there is a proper way to hang them. Hanging curtains with these tips in mind will guarantee that they will be the (seemingly) effortless touch that finishes your room.

First, hang the curtains as high as possible. When buying ready made curtains you are a little limited with this as you chose from set lengths. But when you can, hang them as high as you can up to a couple of inches below the crown moulding. Installing the curtains high will make your ceilings seem higher and your space feel bigger. If you would like to save money by purchasing readymade curtains but want to hang them high, buy the size up and have them hemmed. This will give you a more custom look without the expense. Second, hang the rods wide enough. Rod hardware should be hung 6-10” on either side of your window trim, allowing more sunlight to pass through and giving the effect that your window is larger. When possible, you want your curtains to cover mostly wall, and only a little bit of window. Third, consider your curtain panel width. Single panel curtains can often look skimpy on larger windows. So, when you have a large window, and adequate wall space on either side, consider doubling the curtain panels on each side.  For ready made curtains you can hang two panels per side or have two panels sewn together. Either way, fuller panels will look well planned and intentional. Fourth, get the curtain length right. Curtains can be installed in several ways; barely grazing the floor, pooled slightly on the floor, or puddled on the floor for a more romantic look. I prefer the tailored and clean look of the first option, skimming the floor, but any of these will work, as long as your curtains aren’t too short. You can have beautiful curtains in a fantastic fabric but if they are too short, it is the first thing that you will notice.

Whether custom or readymade, curtains are an opportunity to add another layer of a beautiful fabric to your room. Whether they be formal or casual, tailored or relaxed, when hung well they will make your room feel more polished and complete. Happy hanging!