As Seen in The Electric City News: Entry Essentials

An entry of a house is the first impression of the home; the first and last thing that you see as you come and go. Whether it be a large foyer, a mud room, a small hall or straight into your living room, there are several essentials that can make this space both functional and beautiful.

1.      The anchor. The first thing that an entry should have is a piece of furniture. Depending on your size and space this could mean a chest, a console table, a hall tree or a small side table. Whatever it may be, a piece of furniture will give weight to the space and function as a drop off for the items that we take and leave as we come and go.

2.      A catch all. We all have things that we drop off as soon as we get home. They are the same things that we’re scrambling to find as we rush out the door! A catch all, whether it be a pretty bowl, basket, or tray is the perfect solution. Not only will it look nice on your furniture piece but will also save you the headache (and 20 minutes every morning) of finding your keys.

3.      A rug. A good rug can instantly pull a space together. It will give you color, texture and nice cozy feel.

4.      Lighting. You may have a nice chandelier in your entry, or an overhead light of some sort but nothing adds warmth like a wall sconce or lamp. The soft glow of a lamp is like an invitation to come inside and make yourself at home.

5.      A mirror. Both pretty and functional, a mirror is a great for opening up the space with reflection and to take a finishing glance as you head out the door. Hang a small piece of art above it, or lean one against it for an added layer of color.

On top of these five things, fill in with accessories that you love, seating if there is room, hooks on the wall for your coat and scarf and a good dose of greenery. These seemingly simple changes will make a big impact not only on your home, but on the way you feel as you walk through the door. binations. Contact Amie for pillow information.