As Seen in The Electric City News: The right sheen for your space

The journey to finding the right paint colors in your home can be a long one. You flip through paint decks, search Pinterest for inspiration, put color samples on the wall and agonize over making the right choice. With all of the excitement that comes with finally selecting the perfect shade it is easy to forget the final (and arguably most important) part of the equation… the paint finish! There are multiple paint finish options and lots of reasons, both aesthetical and practical, to choose one over the other. To make this process a little easier, I’ve broken down the most common finishes and offered a little guidance on which finish to use where.

Flat or Matte: While flat paint is great at hiding imperfections in your wall and minimizing reflection of light, it is the hardest of the paint finishes to wipe clean. For this reason, flat paint is best used in rooms with low traffic like closets or bedrooms and ceilings.

Eggshell: Eggshell is a favorite for walls, especially in homes with little ones. Eggshell has only slight reflectivity, similar to that off an egg, but is durable and easy to wipe clean.

Satin: A satin finish has a little more sheen than eggshell and is also a little more durable. This finish is practical in high traffic areas, for cabinetry and built ins, or for low luster baseboards, moldings and doors.

Semi-Gloss: Semi-Gloss offers a higher sheen level and even more durability. Semi-Gloss provides a nice sheen difference between walls and cabinetry, baseboards, moldings, trim and doors.

High-Gloss: If you have nice architectural details, beautiful woodwork, or like a little glam, a High-Gloss finish is for you. High-Gloss is very reflective, durable and easy to clean. The seen level of High-Gloss will show imperfections, so it is a good idea to have a professional paint when going for this look.

Painting a room can make a huge impact on your home instantly. Be sure to make it as beautiful as possible by thinking through your paint finish options and selecting the right sheen for your space. Happy painting!